The MENTOR Network

Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The MENTOR Network offers a continuum of services that meet the specialized needs of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities—including those with autism or other autism spectrum disorders. We help youth in all aspects of their lives so they can be successful at home and in school, with friends and family.

We understand that no two young people are alike and consider a number of factors—including their home environment, upbringing and clinical history—when creating Individualized Service Plans (ISPs). Whether serving youth in foster care or providing hourly supports in home and community settings, The Network helps youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach new heights. Through our comprehensive continuum of care, we also offer opportunities for older children to transition seamlessly into our services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our services include:

continuum of services for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilties

Individualized Service Planning and Case Management


The MENTOR Network offers case management services throughout our continuum of support for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Using our personalized approach we conduct comprehensive assessments and develop Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) to help each child we serve access services that best suit their physical, behavioral or medical needs.

Our staff continuously monitor and evaluate each child’s plan and make adjustments as needs and preferences change over time.

Our case management services help individuals and families assess needs, understand the process of selecting services and make informed choices to meet their unique goals.