The MENTOR Network

Elders in Need of Support

Adult Day Health Services

At The MENTOR Network, we believe that elders should get the most out of each day and have regular opportunities to be engaged physically, intellectually and emotionally. Our Adult Day Health services, currently offered by our partner MENTOR Adult Day Health in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Kentucky, provide unique day centers where elders can interact with peers and participate in a variety of healthy activities that enhance their quality of life, while providing family and friends the peace of mind that their loved one is well cared for.

MENTOR Adult Day Health centers are a safe, cost-effective option for elders and help reduce the need for admission to nursing homes, hospital visits, and home-health aides. With round-trip transportation provided, low staff-to-participant ratios, and on-site nursing services each center offers fulfilling activities and nutritious meals to ensure that elders can remain active and engaged.

When participants arrive each morning they begin their day with a healthy breakfast and group exercise session. The rest of the schedule—spread over six hours each day—allows elders to take part in activities that are of interest to them and may include:

  • Group exercise
  • Interactive games
  • Dancing
  • Community outings
  • Worship opportunities
  • Culturally-based activities

A Healthy, Engaging Alternative for Elders

The Network’s adult day health centers are designed to reflect the interests of the men and women who attend them. We ensure that each person is involved in selecting their activities and our caring support staff focuses on what matters most for each person. In addition to our support staff, each center also has a nurse on-site to take care of individualized health issues as they arise, or to facilitate day-to-day needs including medication management. Physical therapists are also available on an as-need basis at some locations.

Many of our adult day health centers are culturally-based, with activities and meals crafted around shared hobbies and interests that make the individuals feel right at home. They offer large, open spaces for group activities and areas for participants to relax and socialize with friends. Our goal is to offer each person exciting new options from one day to the next, while recognizing the importance of familiarity and routine for some participants. And because of our individualized approach, we are able to create an atmosphere that is a community all its own; a place that participants can look forward to attending each day and where they will have a rich, rewarding experience.

Contact the location nearest you for more information about MENTOR Adult Day Health.