The MENTOR Network

Meet the Network Nightingales

Since 2011, The MENTOR Network has chosen a Network Nightingale—someone who receives support from The Network and has a passion for singing. We ask them to help honor our Ripple of Hope award recipients with a live vocal performance at the award ceremony.

Click below to meet our past Network Nightingales.

2018 – Charlie Wilson

The 2018 Network Nightingale is Charlie Wilson, who receives support through the Indiana MENTOR Host Home program. Charlie has been passionate about music since the age of 10. In addition to vocals, he plays guitar and piano and hopes to learn the ukulele. Charlie is a member of his high school’s competitive show choir and has performed at local festivals and at events for Special Olympics, which he joined in 2009 at the age of 12. A competitor in swimming, basketball, bowling, track and field, snowboarding, softball and flag football, Charlie took home two gold medals in swimming at the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle in 2018.


2017 – Thomas and Nicholas Romero

Twin brothers Thomas and Nicholas Romero receive support from Cole Vocational Services in California. In their free time, they use their talent to make a difference in their community. Thomas and Nicholas sang at the AUT2RUN fundraiser to raise awareness and acceptance for children and adults with Autism and their families. They also lead songs for local elementary school children in their community and perform at other events throughout the year. Thomas and Nicholas enjoy all types of music and play many instruments. It is their wish for the future to continue singing and making people feel happy.

2016 – Aaron Hobson

A talented performer, Aaron Hobson receives support from MENTOR Oregon. He has also studied and performed with Pacific Honored Artists Musicians and Entertainers (PHAME) for nearly a decade. Aaron has also performed with the Portland Cello Project, Pink Martini, and at private gigs and concerts across the region. He has sung at civic and political events, including for the Oregon state legislature, Portland City Council, and for many national dignitaries and elected officials.

2015 – Dante Evans

A poetic writer and performer, Dante joined the Massachusetts MENTOR treatment foster care program at the age of 15. Music has become a great outlet for Dante to express his thoughts and emotions. He has been very active singing with his local church group. Dante also plays the piano, drums and bongos. He currently works at a coffee shop and is enrolled to take college courses this spring. Dante plans to continue to write music, perform and record with his church group while attending school.

2014 – Justin Fulleylove

2014 Network Nightingale Justin Fulleylove came to California MENTOR’s Family Home Agency program three years ago at the age of 19. He enjoys regularly entertaining other individuals served, staff and Mentors at program events and everyone is inspired by his creativity and original songwriting, which has become a powerful outlet for Justin to express his thoughts to the world. The Network thanks Justin for sharing his original song, Keep on Going, with our 2014 Ripple of Hope Award winners.


2013 – Ashley Gilmore

2013 Network Nightingale Ashley Gilmore receives support through our College to Career program in California. In addition to singing, she plays the piano and flute. Ashley comes from a long line of musicians and says that music makes her feel peaceful and strong.


2012 – Jordan Patterson

2012 Network Nightingale Jordan Patterson receives support through Illinois MENTOR. She has been singing in choirs since she was 6 years old. In addition to vocals, Jordan plays the piano and composes. Recently voted Most Inspiring Teen at her church, she is heading to college to pursue youth ministry and music.


2011 – Donald Perry

2011 Network Nightingale Donald Perry receives support through our California MENTOR Family Home Agency (FHA) program. He regularly performs at his day program, Creative Identity, where he is also in a band. In addition to guitar and vocals, Donald plays the base guitar and is learning the cello.