The MENTOR Network

Network Nightingale

Since 2011, The MENTOR Network has chosen a Network Nightingale—someone who receives support from The Network and has a passion for singing. We ask them to help honor our Ripple of Hope award recipients with a live vocal performance at the award ceremony.

Meet the 2019 Network Nightingales, Blue Magic Band

The Blue Magic Band is composed of individuals served by NeuroRestorative Maine: David Chadwick, harmonica; Brian Duffy, drums; James Reynolds, guitar; Ashley Ruscansky, vocals; and Travis Wagner, lead vocals and bass guitar. The band was founded two years ago by Darren Wiseman, a cognitive retraining specialist at the NeuroRestorative clinic in Standish, Maine, and occasional rhythm guitar player for the band.

It all began with a few guitar lessons. Then word spread, and a couple of former professional musicians, and amateur ones, came together with a common interest. Soon after, the band was performing at senior living facilities, county fairs and local charity events, bringing music to sometimes thousands of community members in a day. They are able to play an impressive repertoire of classic rock, country and blues songs.

“The story of The Blue Magic Band is one of perseverance and dedication,” explained Darren. “The band has become a very important part of the lives of these musicians. It is a privilege to be able to work with these individuals and witness the joy that making music brings to each of them.”

We wish the band all the best as they continue to share their love of music, and thank each band member for inspiring us with his or her talent, passion and determination.