The MENTOR Network

Who We Are

A Leader in Health Care and Human Services

At its core, The MENTOR Network is a leading health care and human services provider, but we are also much more. We are a network of caring people who share a mission—to help individuals of all abilities thrive in their homes and communities. Our network is built upon trusted partnerships between the individuals we serve and their families, our employees, our foster parents and host home providers and our payors and public partners. Together we offer adults, children, and their families innovative, quality services and supports that lead to growth and independence, regardless of the physical, intellectual or behavioral challenges they face.

We believe that personalized services and meaningful relationships have the power to transform lives and we see that in action each day. Our home- and community-based services deliver meaningful outcomes that positively impact the lives of those we serve. The Network offers decades of experience, strength and stability that allow us to deliver diverse services to the individuals and families we serve.

We invite you to learn more about our roots, our reach and our commitment to building relationships and enhancing lives.

MENTOR is founded in 1980
About The Network

With roots dating to the 1960’s and the dawn of deinstitutionalization, The Network has touched thousands of lives—leaving a positive and lasting impact on individuals, families and communities around the country.

tmn mission values
Mission & Values

The Network’s mission and core values unite our employees, foster parents and caregivers across the country in building relationships and enhancing lives.

history of tmn
Our History

Since its founding in 1980, The MENTOR Network has helped to define a new vision for health care and human services delivery—one that offers the choice and trust found in local relationships combined with the strength and stability of a national organization.

tmn leadership
Leadership Team

The individuals who lead The MENTOR Network possess extensive experience in health care and human services in both the public and private sectors and bring an unwavering commitment to our mission to their daily work.

News from The MENTOR Network

Visit our newsroom to learn more about what is happening in programs across The Network.

ripple of hope award
Ripple of Hope Awards

Each year, The Network celebrates the accomplishments and milestones of our team members by recognizing the most outstanding among us with our Ripple of Hope award.