The MENTOR Network

Quality of Care Standards

The MENTOR Network’s Quality of Care Standards support our ability to translate vision into action and deliver on the promises we make to the adults and children we serve, as well as their families, our payors and public partners. Developed based on best practices, industry standards, and customer survey data, these standards are designed to improve outcomes for the individuals we serve—all in an effort to ensure a level of consistency in our service delivery, regardless of age, complexity of condition, service type or setting—and helping to drive innovation across The Network.

Every individual who selects The MENTOR Network and our partners to deliver services can expect the following:

  • Person-centered Orientation in Planning and Service Delivery: Services that reflect the individual’s preferences, goals and unique needs, and that maximize opportunities for success.
  • Integration of Health Care Services: Comprehensive mental and physical health and dental care necessary to maintain optimal health.
  • Coordination of Services: Assistance in coordinating services and establishing partnerships to optimize the ability to prosper in the community.
  • Personal Safety: Safety and security in home and community settings.
  • Individual Rights and Dignity of Risk: Support to exercise rights, make informed choices, and to accept personal responsibility.
  • Community Inclusion and Socialization: Support in developing and maintaining family connections and friendships, and assistance in accessing resources and participating in the community.
  • Vocational & Educational Supports: Meaningful work, productive activity or appropriate educational opportunities.
  • Advocacy: Training and support for living in the community and navigating the service-providing system.

In addition, The Network strives to assure:

  • Individuals Served and Stakeholder Input: Stakeholders (individuals, guardians, families and funding sources) express satisfaction with the services provided and their input has an impact on service delivery.
  • Workforce Development: Access to qualified, trained and committed employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Continual assessment and enhancement of systems to improve outcomes and quality of life for the individuals we serve.
  • Contract Execution: Compliance with contractual standards and expectations.