The MENTOR Network

Quality of Care

At The MENTOR Network, we believe that it is our responsibility and privilege to deliver exceptional, quality-of-life-enhancing services for adults and children of all abilities. Our commitment to quality is more than a promise; it’s the foundation of our organization and a cornerstone of our continued success.

Quality Improvement

The Network’s model for continuous quality improvement is built on proven policies and procedures, a focus on continued learning and clinical advancements, experienced leadership and a commitment to meaningful outcomes. Our continuous quality improvement program is administered by a team of experts, including clinicians, medical directors and practitioners who serve as a resource to operations across The Network. Together, our continuous quality improvement professionals create an organizational culture focused on accountability, service excellence and measurable results.

Our Quality Improvement program includes:

  • Quality of Care Standards
  • Network 5 Model of Service Delivery
  • Surveys and Outcomes Data
  • Training and Staff Development
  • Compliance Program and Code of Ethics

Achieving Excellence in Service Delivery

Service excellence through quality begins with a commitment from every Network employee. It is a commitment we share across all service types and settings, whether working with children or adults. Achieving service excellence means being the best at what we do by fulfilling our promises to the people and families we serve—and supporting them as they lead healthy, productive lives—as well as fulfilling our commitments to our payors and public partners.

At The Network, we’ve identified the five key domains that lead to quality of life enhancing experiences for the individuals we serve. We call them The Network 5:

The MENTOR Network's Network 5Environment

Clean and welcoming environments designed to meet the needs of those we serve and our employees in compliance with licensing and accrediting agency requirements.

Health and Safety

Access to comprehensive health and wellness services, including physical and mental healthcare as well as dental care.

Individual Service Plans (ISPs)

ISPs that are designed to reflect the goals, preferences and unique needs of each individual we serve and evolve over time with the individual.

Behavioral Support Plans

Developed on a case-by-case basis and integrated into an individual’s ISP as needed to help those we serve live successfully in the community of their choice.

Community Life

Empowering those we serve to set the direction for their lives and fully experience the richness of community life.

From The Network 5, to our incident management and information systems, and our training protocols and satisfaction surveys, our continuous quality improvement program helps ensure the integrity of our services and the satisfaction of those we serve.