The MENTOR Network

Growth and Innovation

At The MENTOR Network, we build innovative programs and services that reflect best practices while keeping the unique needs of the individuals we serve at the forefront. Named for our innovative “Mentor Model,” which builds individualized plans around the needs of each person being served, we became a pioneer in the movement to provide community-based services for people who otherwise would be served in institutions.

As an organization that serves people from coast to coast, our ability to bring services to a new state or build upon what we offer in other states is unmatched. Our professionals combine practical experience, clinical expertise and national best practices and resources to continuously develop and explore better ways to enhance the lives of those we serve.

Opening Doors for People with
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Network has helped hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities move from institutions and other more restrictive settings to community-based programs. In Minnesota and California, for example, we created some of the first community-based homes that allowed individuals to thrive in ways they never thought possible.

We have since brought our expertise to many states—including Georgia, New Jersey and most recently, Mississippi—creating Community-based Residences, Host Home programs, innovative Day Programs and Hourly Supports that meet the needs of the individuals and families in each state.

Developing New Treatment
Models for Youth and Families

The Network believes that children belong in family homes whenever possible. We also recognize the changing needs of youth and families, who require more intensive, clinically advanced services. In response, The Network has invested in the development of new treatment models and evidence-based practices that ensure youth and families can lead healthy, productive lives.

We developed a trauma-focused, evidence-informed Therapeutic Foster Care model known as Family Vistas® which recognizes that every child is walking their own path, with unique strengths and a vision for their own lives. Our staff partners with the child’s foster parent and family of origin, when appropriate to help the child build coping skills and strong relationships that help them set and achieve goals of their choosing.

Grounded in the belief that no matter how challenging their circumstances, children belong in families, our foster homes for medically complex children allow kids to reap the benefits of living in a family home while still having access to wraparound and nursing services to meet their needs.

We also offer in-home services that yield positive outcomes for the entire family using the evidence-based Family Centered Treatment® model. Introduced as a cost-effective alternative to out-of-home placement options, FCT helps improve family functioning so families can stay together.

Creating Specialized Rehabilitation Services

Increased public awareness and advancements in emergency medical care mean more people today are being diagnosed—and living—with brain injury. And The MENTOR Network’s Specialty Rehabilitation Services, delivered by our partner NeuroRestorative, are there to meet their needs by offering specialized, community-based rehabilitation options that help pave the way to increased independence for those we serve.

In addition, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have also left a generation of veterans with brain injury and increased the need for specialized rehabilitation services. To meet that need, we have created inpatient and community-based service options that are responsive to the needs of our nation’s heroes with brain, spinal cord and other complex injuries.

We also offer specialized services for youth with brain and spinal cord injuries. We understand that children with brain injury have a unique set of needs and can’t be treated as small adults. As a result, each of our partners has developed specialized facilities and programs—including on-site academic programs—which cater to the needs of young people on their rehabilitative journey.

Helping Elders Thrive in Their Community

In 2014, The Network expanded its continuum to include Network to include supports for elders whose medical needs require nursing care or rehabilitative care. Our Adult Day Health programs help elders, including those with complex medical or rehabilitative needs, make friends and have the daily care they need to thrive. Our caring staff help participants remain in their homes or with family instead of requiring higher levels of care, including nursing homes, by ensuring they have daily support in managing a range of conditions. With the help of caring bilingual staff, our participants enjoy healthy, delicious meals and social activities that reflect their cultural heritage, including games and holiday celebrations. At our centers, participants can feel connected to their home culture while making lifelong friends.

Building for the Future

Where other providers see challenges, we see opportunities to improve lives. Our commitment to quality and innovation has helped us grow from a single residential service provider to a national network offering an array of home- and community-based services. Looking ahead, our goal remains the same: to grow and strengthen our continuum of services, enabling individuals of all abilities to live successfully in the towns and cities that they call home.