The MENTOR Network

Commitment to our Communities

At The MENTOR Network, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Strengthening the fabric of our neighborhoods through volunteerism and philanthropy contributes to our overall goal of building relationships, enhancing lives.

The MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation

Launched in 2007, The MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation works to build on The Network’s innovative approach to human services by seeking new solutions and creative ideas for enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and youth and families facing emotional, behavioral and other challenges, and by expanding opportunity for those we serve.

The Foundation is The MENTOR Network’s commitment to nurturing the excellence and innovation that ensures such environments—for those we serve, for our employees and for society as a whole. Since its founding in 2007, The Foundation has made over 300 grants to organizations across the United States.

Network Angels

The MENTOR Network also strives to support our own. In 2010 we established Network Angels, a charitable organization that helps Network employees and independent contractors who experience sudden, life-altering events including natural disasters, house fires and incidents of domestic violence that jeopardize their ability to meet basic living expenses.

To date, Network Angels has helped over 500 Network families, including employees, Mentors and other independent contractors.

Volunteer Day

In 2013 The Network established an annual Volunteer Day, when employees and their families from across The Network come together to lend a hand in their communities. In past projects, our volunteers have painted and landscaped community centers, beautified parks, organized food drives and much more.

In 2019, The MENTOR Network held its 7th Annual Volunteer Day on Saturday, May 4, with roughly 2,100 volunteers in 32 states completing 80 service projects.