The MENTOR Network

What We Promise

At The MENTOR Network, we are proud to deliver community-based services that improve the lives of adults and children across the country. As a national provider with more than 30 years of experience, our Network is built on a foundation of trust and our commitment to ensure that promises made are promises kept.

These promises keep us focused on our mission of building relationships and enhancing lives. We deliver on them each day by providing opportunities for increased independence and participation in community life for the individuals we serve; delivering rewarding experiences for our workforce; giving back to our communities; developing new services designed to meet the evolving needs of individuals in the community; and advocating for the individuals we serve and those we employ.

The MENTOR Network promises:

Quality Support and Care

We keep quality service at the forefront of everything we do. With an emphasis on outcomes, the health and safety of those we serve and their overall happiness, all of us at The Network are unified by our commitment to enhancing the lives of the people we serve through opportunities for increased independence and participation in the communities they call home.

Respect for our Workforce

We are committed to offering a rewarding experience for our workforce. We emphasize a culture of mutual respect with open feedback channels across the organization. We offer competitive compensation and benefits and a career path rare in human services that empowers our workforce to stay and grow professionally with our organization.

Commitment to our Communities

We are committed to enhancing communities through the active engagement of those we support and our workforce. We emphasize our obligation to be a good neighbor—through both our words and deeds—as well as our commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy in the communities where we live and work.

Growth & Innovation

As a mission-driven organization, we are intensely focused on expanding access to services and developing new and more effective ways of delivering supports and services to individuals with a range of disabilities and special needs.

Advocacy & Action

We endeavor to be a voice on behalf of those we serve and those we employ. Leveraging the strength of our collective voices as part of The Network, we are active participants in trade associations and organizations advocating to protect and strengthen funding for quality-of-life-enhancing community-based services and a strong workforce committed and able to support individuals in need.

A Focus on Outcomes

We are committed to achieving positive outcomes, including increased independence, participation in community life, and overall happiness for each person we serve. We achieve these goals through the development of innovative, evidence-based practices and a focus on metrics that guide our service delivery.