The MENTOR Network

Edwin J. Mikkelsen, M.D. Medical Director

Dr. Mikkelsen is an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a consultant to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Department of Developmental Services. Major research interests include: law and psychiatry, administrative aspects of psychiatry, and pervasive developmental disorders. Dr. Mikkelsen received Massachusetts’ Department of Developmental Services Special Recognition for Human Rights Advocacy in 2000, the Institute on Dual Diagnosis Award of Excellence for “exemplary innovations in thought and practice regarding people who have dual diagnosis” and the American Psychiatric Association’s 2003 Frank J. Menolascino Award in recognition of his contributions providing psychiatric services for persons with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Mikkelsen maintains a bibliography of more than 90 professional publications and co-authored the book Criminal Offenders with Mental Retardation: Risk Assessment and the Continuum of Community-Based Treatment Programs. He has been the Medical Director for The MENTOR Network since 1990.