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Three Decades of Care for Randy in Minnesota

Randy, an individual served by REM Minnesota, has received supports from REM for over 30 years, and his story illustrates the ways our community-based services have made it easier for individuals to receive necessary services while living in the communities of their choice.

In 1986, when Randy began to experience worsening eyesight and physical issues that left him unable to walk, he knew he needed more help. Prior to that, he had lived independently. Since then, Randy has lived in REM Minnesota’s Group Homes, receiving the 24/7 care he needs to thrive. Our Group Homes are designed to increase independence while offering opportunities to pursue personal interests and participate in community life.

Currently, Randy lives in a four-bedroom home with three of his closest friends and his cat, Bunny. Bunny is diabetic, and the staff at Randy’s home help him manage the daily insulin shots and frequent veterinary checkups. According to Randy, his home is full of laughter and he would not want to live anywhere else.

Randy says he appreciates that all the staff at his home are well-trained and knowledgeable about his medications and diagnosis, allowing them to help him with any medical issues that arise. This type of high quality, round-the-clock care gives Randy the freedom to enjoy his hobbies and work toward his goals. He also enjoys the fact that staff join him to watch his favorite game shows.

Whether an individual requires 24/7 support or is able to live more independently, they should have access to the supports they need to live a life of promise and opportunity. Through our services—such as those that we have provided for Randy for over 30 years—we aim to fulfill our mission of helping individuals thrive in the community of their choice.