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REM Minnesota Takes Action

REM Minnesota takes part in A Day at the CapitolEvery March for the past 20 years, REM Minnesota and its partners gather in St. Paul for “A Day at the Capitol,” an annual advocacy event focused on state issues that impact individuals with disabilities. The event is truly a group effort, carried out in partnership with 40 providers from around the state and attended by more than a thousand participants, including a mix of employees, individuals served, and their families.

For the first part of the day, participants come together in the state capitol building to hear from leaders in the field and state leaders, including key legislators and, last year, the Governor. During this session, they also receive materials and learn about the legislative agenda. The goal is to prepare participants with all levels of experience for their meetings, and to energize and motivate them to advocate. Once participants are trained and ready to go, they spread out to meet with their elected officials. The group’s strong and coordinated presence in the capitol building ensures their message gets across.

“Advocacy efforts like this provide an opportunity for our staff to be engaged on a whole new level, and help us to deepen our relationships with our state lawmakers and our partner organizations,” said Connie Menne, Executive Director of REM Minnesota.