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NeuroRestorative Staff Go the Extra Mile in Providing Person-Centered Service

NeuroRestorative, a partner of The MENTOR NetworkAt The MENTOR Network, it’s all about partnerships. We are privileged to partner with many individuals in communities across the country, all working together in the best interests of those we serve. Among these are countless individuals including foster parents and host home providers, payors, as well as our public partners. These partnerships are essential to our ability to provide high-quality, innovative supports tailored to the unique needs of each person we serve.

Recently, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts received a letter from one of the many outside service coordinators the staff partners with on a daily basis. The following letter, written by Lon Morris, a Service Coordinator for the Department of Developmental Disabilities in Massachusetts, illustrates the commitment our staff have to understanding the needs of those we serve and to going the extra mile each day to ensure those needs are met.

Good Morning, 

I’m emailing to share some positive feedback. When I went out to visit at Greg Lane last week, I left with a warm feeling. As always, I was welcomed with smiles and positive energy when I walked in. Carly and Danielle were engaged with staff, Amy was getting settled from Day Program, and Linda was relaxing in the living room. 

There was a bumble bee issue, and your staff worked together to catch them, keeping the ladies out of harm’s way, while on guard of having Danielle’s Epi-pen ready just in case. It was great teamwork! When talking with the ladies, they really love living at the house. Both Danielle and Carly shared they absolutely love Justine, and would not know what they would do without her. They also mentioned feeling confident with how medical care is addressed. 

While Linda was relaxing, she began smiling from ear to ear when Polly said the magic words “Are you ready to go to the library?” It was nice to see her light up, with such emotion. I’ve also chatted with Amy’s mom on a few occasions, and she had expressed being pleased with the move, and Amy seemed happy. 

I want to thank you and the NeuroRestorative staff for all your dedication. I can see your team works hard for the overall person-centered experience. 

Have a great day,

Lon Tega “Lonnie” Morris, LSW
ABI/MFP Service Coordinator
Department of Developmental Services – Northeast Region

*Names in this article have been changed to protect confidentiality.