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Little Moments Make a Big Difference

CareMeridian Certified Nursing Assistant

As a certified nursing assistant, Silvia Miranda is a healer of scars—not just physical scars, but emotional scars, as well. Her acts of love are the stuff of legend at CareMeridian in Silverado, California.

CareMeridian specializes in subacute and skilled nursing for patients in the Western United States with brain, spinal cord or other medically complex injuries and illnesses. Silvia joined CareMeridian in 1999 and has played an integral role in the lives of those she serves, their families and fellow staff members ever since. For the residents of her facility, night is turned to day when Silvia begins her evening nursing shift. She provides a positive light during the dark evening hours when fears and frailties can be magnified.

Personalized Care for Every Patient

“All staff can tell when Silvia just worked a shift,” an enthusiastic colleague said. “Her patients look like they’ve been cared for at a Beverly Hills salon.”

Warm baths run long and leisurely. Institutional toiletries are replaced with brand names that Silvia purchases. Conversations run long, too. Silvia listens to stories and tells a few of her own. One gentleman, who often requires nightly sedatives, doesn’t need them when Silvia is working.

“It’s getting to know the patients and their families; it’s the little things,” said Silvia Miranda, a 2012 Ripple of Hope Award recipient.

Silvia has saved a life, seen more than one person come out of a coma, and been there for many other momentous occasions. To her, though, it’s the little things that are sometimes the most important. Paying close attention to patients and families, she says, is what can make the difference.

“Silvia demonstrates an abundance of loving, sincere, gracious giving and committed qualities that have a positive effect on all those who come in contact with her. She is our rock in the middle of many ripples that continue to spread.”
—Silvia’s colleague