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Ken Wanted To Give Back

NeuroRestorative employees

For Ken Hellman, a residential supervisor with NeuroRestorative Rhode Island, going to work every day is about helping the individuals we support reach their goals. He says he’s proud to be part of a team of special people that help individuals on the road to recovery from brain injury.

“You have to have empathy,” he said. “You have to be able to understand who they were as a person before the event that brought them to us. They have families; they’ve been through acute care. They may be dealing with behavioral challenges related to their injury or the changes in their life. Our job is to help them adapt and grow as individuals.”

A Career of Caring

After Ken received a degree in psychology, he began his career by supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they transitioned out of Rhode Island’s institutions. Later, he worked as a life skills trainer helping people learn new skills and become increasingly independent, a role which prepared him for his next career move. When Ken joined NeuroRestorative, a partner of The MENTOR Network, as a residential supervisor serving individuals with traumatic or acquired brain injury he knew it was a natural fit for him right from the start.

“I have cerebral palsy, so I felt comfortable helping others,” said Ken. “People have been generous toward me with their time over the years, so I wanted to give back by having a positive influence on the people I serve. Seeing individuals reach new milestones is the best part of my job. The feeling you get from helping someone make progress and enjoy life is truly priceless.”