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A Warm Welcome Home for Brazyl

Brazyl Ward

Like most six-year old girls, Brazyl Ward, couldn’t wait for Halloween night. She was eager to dress up as her favorite Power Ranger and fill her bag with as much candy as she could carry.


But on October 31, 2013, life for this sweet little girl and her family changed in an instant. After leaving a trick-or-treat event at their church, Brazyl, who was crossing the street with her parents and brother, was struck by a speeding car and became critically injured.

“The issue is that the vehicle accelerated to about 60 miles an hour,” said Brandon Ward, Brazyl’s dad. “I didn’t see her get hit. I heard it.”

The Road to Recovery

Brazyl was rushed to Las Vegas University Medical Center where she underwent emergency brain surgery, suffered a broken femur and was put into a medically induced coma. It was weeks before she even opened her eyes. But nearly two months later and just a few days before Christmas, Brazyl was transferred to Las Vegas’ NeuroRestorative4kids to continue her recovery.

Her parents, Tiffany and Brandon, knew she still had a long road ahead of her but they felt blessed that she had made such great strides and would be able to leave the hospital for Christmas.

“This just happened so fast. She had so many good days back to back. And for us to be here. I never thought we would be out this close to Christmas,” Brandon said. “I’m so happy … my face is hurting”

Specialized Support

With the constant support and love of her parents and friends, Brazyl was ready to face the next stage of her recovery at NeuroRestorative4kids. Like all NeuroRestorative patients, Brazyl received a unique treatment plan which included physical, speech, and occupational therapy to help her continue her rehabilitative journey.

“The worst is behind us,” said Brandon. “Now it’s her battle.”

At NeuroRestorative4kids Brazyl was able to receive the personalized attention she needed in an environment that suited her age and helped her re-learn daily activities like eating, talking and even walking. Located in Las Vegas, NeuroRestorative4kids is designed to provide children with a safe, home like environment, while receiving specialized, skilled care during their recovery period.

“We’ve created an atmosphere favorable to our young patients’ recovery, including distinctly decorated rooms and rehabilitation equipment specifically designed for children,” said Shelia Weeks, Administrator for NeuroRestorative’s Las Vegas facility.

Initially non-verbal and non-ambulatory, with aggressive pediatric neurorehabilitation, extraordinary nursing care, along with demonstrated compassion and commitment from NeuroRestorative nursing staff and specialists, Brazyl was able to return home in March to her loving parents. In April she celebrated her 7th birthday at home with her family, who considers her recovery a miracle.

“The worst is behind us. Now it’s her battle.”
—Brand Ward, Brazyl’s dad