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A Veteran’s Story: How A Network Employee Continues to Serve Others Through His Work

Jonathan Willemin, RRT, served in the United States Army reserve for eight years, having one-year deployment in Iraq in 2003. Jonathan joined this branch because of his family legacy.

“I chose the Army over the other branches mostly because of my prior family history. Both my grandfathers and multiple uncles and cousins were blessed to have served our country,” said Jonathan.

In July of 2019, Jonathan joined  NeuroRestorative, a partner of The MENTOR Network, and admits that his military service played a large role in the decision he made to take the position of regional marketing manager for NeuroRestorative Texas.

“I have had military brothers and sisters with brain injury, PTSD and sadly, even suicides post service. I saw no better calling than to join the NeuroRestorative team, having such a great reputation for service to veterans and the general community,” said Jonathan, “NeuroRestorative aligned with my mission of helping individuals receive great results. The results I have seen from  individuals served in my time here has certainly exceeded my initial expectations.”

In his role as regional marketing manager for NeuroRestorative, Jonathan is in charge of strategic planning, coaching and educating the community, our healthcare programs, physicians, family members and individuals served by our programs. His dedicated team of marketers and intake specialists work hard to build relationships and ensure that individuals receive the quality care they need and deserve.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two children who are the “light of his life.” When asked if he has any words of wisdom that he lives by, Jonathan answered, “My advice to others is a quote by Master Yoda from Star Wars that has always served me well: ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’”

“I take this to mean that often we say we will ‘try’ something and attitudinally that is destined to fail. If trying is good enough, then you are absolved of the responsibility to do. Simply, to ‘do’ is approaching anything with the intent of seeing the objective through completion with the necessary planning, voracity, and endurance.”

On behalf of The MENTOR Network and NeuroRestorative, thank you Jonathan, and all of the men and women who have fought and served for our country. We honor you today and every day.

For more information on our veteran & military supports and services, please visit the NeuroRestorative website or call 800-743-6802.