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A Bright Future Ahead

Rakell was nine years old when she was hit by a car and experienced brain injury. As a result of her injury, she experienced behavioral dyscontrol, which made her struggle with her temper and behavior. Some of that behavior even led her to some serious consequences, which has caused Rakell to be in and out of different therapy programs. That was until Rakell entered NeuroRestorative’s specialized neurobehavioral program in Tampa, Florida, where she was able to learn strategies and techniques to help manage her aggression and outbursts.

“The staff here at NeuroRestorative helped me to recognize things were not going well and that I had to start making changes,” says Rakell. “Now, when I get up in the morning, I stay focused on my own behavior. I start each day thinking about what I need to do to have a good day.”

After nine months of treatment, Rakell transitioned to NeuroRestorative’s program in Clearwater, Florida, where she now 25 years old, has her own apartment and is able to live more independently. She is currently getting her GED, has a job, and is enjoying life by spending time with friends.

“The staff here has really helped me,” she said, “they are always encouraging me to do my best. Now that I have my behavior in a way that I can be around other people, it’s better. I’ve turned my life around.”

Rakell’s Case Manager, Sereena Wilks-Maryie, commented on Rakell’s growth, “Rakell is very resilient and determined to better her future. We are all so proud of her—what we saw from when she first came here—she is a different person in attitude and behavior. She’s even going to get her GED!”

NeuroRestorative is honored to support Rakell and many others in living their fullest life regardless of the barriers that stand in the way.