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Delia Lives Life to the Fullest

Delia likes to be active. But like many adults, as she got older she developed a number of health problems. When she came to Oasis Adult Day Health Center, this all began to change.

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Jose Regains His Independence

Four years ago, Jose found himself struggling with medical challenges that made it hard to be active. Now he's getting the most out of every day, thanks to a renewed sense of independence.

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Living the Life He’s Always Wanted

Sean is enjoying life. An accomplished juggler and bowler, he is active in his local church. He loves listening to music to relax, especially the songs of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. In fact, music is a huge part of his life, and it has played a role in how far he’s come over the past two years.

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Richard Finds Happiness and Success

Richard says he had never known that anyone could care so much about his happiness and success until he moved in with Lee.

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Brazyl Ward
A Warm Welcome Home for Brazyl

After being critically injured last Halloween by a hit and run driver, six-year-old Brazyl Ward received specialized rehabilitation and support from NeuroRestorative4Kids that allowed her to return home.

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