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rakel neuro
A Bright Future Ahead

Rakell was nine years old when she was hit by a car and experienced brain injury. As a result of her injury, she experienced behavioral dyscontrol, which made her struggle with her temper and behavior.

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brady neuro
Brady Sees a Brighter Future After Brain Injury

When Brady experienced a traumatic brain injury following a motor vehicle accident in 2016, he was given a 15% chance of survival. He has fought through many challenges to regain his independence, and with the help of caring staff at NeuroRestorative, he has regained skills needed to return to an active lifestyle and pursue his goals.

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success stories angie schultz
With Angie’s Support, the Sky is the Limit

Angie Shultz has a calling: helping those in need. In 2013, Angie became a Mentor with REM Iowa. Soon after, Angie was matched with Billy. The first time the two met, they immediately clicked. From the very start, “we could be open with each other,” she said.

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“Gotcha Day!” Celebrating Jaiden’s Adoption

“We felt the need to give back and want to share our experiences, time, and good fortune with children,” said Roy and Mary Rodrigues.

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Elizabeth Finds Unconditional Love with Darcie and Jenna

When Darcie and Jenna decided to become foster parents, they knew they could change the lives of children in need. What they didn’t expect was how deeply the experience would impact their own lives.

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