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Randy, Bill and Lonnie: Best Friends for More Than 20 Years

The story of Lonnie, Randy and Bill, three individuals served by REM Iowa, exemplifies the promise and hope of community living for individuals with disabilities. The three men have been roommates for over 20 years—and best friends.

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Ken Built a Life of His Own in the Community

In 1970, at the age of 24, Ken entered the very first REM Minnesota community-based program in Redwood Falls. Over the years, Ken has had countless opportunities to participate in community life, and he has seized the opportunities available to him to build a life rich with experiences, accomplishments and relationships.

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Down the Street from His Family, Scott is Thriving

Scott is a young man with autism in Fairmont, Minnesota. He lives in a residential program of The MENTOR Network, just three blocks from his parents, where he receives the supports he needs to thrive in the community.

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Three Decades of Care for Randy in Minnesota

Randy, an individual served by REM Minnesota, has received supports from REM for over 30 years, and his story illustrates the ways our community-based services have made it easier for individuals to receive necessary services while living in the communities of their choice.

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A New Start for Michael

Michael recently moved into a REM Iowa home, and he is loving life in the community. The transition was made possible with support from his family, REM Iowa, and Money Follows the Person (MFP)—a program that provides one year of financial support and case management to people wishing to move from congregate to community settings.

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