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mentor ida
Ida Supports the Most Vulnerable Children

Ida is a foster parent who has found her purpose in caring for children with the most challenging medical conditions, sometimes even knowing that their conditions may be terminal.

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lori as a mentor
When The Going Got Tough, Lori Was There

Lori Sharpe just has a way of making people feel better. She is always quick with a smile or a welcoming hug, and as a Host Home Mentor with REM Iowa since 2012, she has helped the individuals in her home live life to the fullest.

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Jennifer And Wilbert
Helping Teenage Boys Find Their Path

Jennifer and Wilbert Barton who have been Mentor foster parents for 16 years! The Bartons work with teenage boys to help them find the right path in life.

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Building a Family

The last decade has been a time of family-building in Ken’s three-bedroom home. He has taught Thomas and Robbie how to cook, clean, and keep track of their bills. They write their own checks. They follow their own recipes. They do their own laundry. Every year, the three men assess what skills they want to work on. Grilling is now at the top of the list.

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Embracing the Unexpected

Conyetta Williams was a busy mom who was caring for her aging grandmother and did not have plans of fostering. After her grandmother had passed away, Conyetta met a Mentor foster parent.

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