The MENTOR Network

Staff and Individuals Served Bring Joy During a Challenging Time

As individuals in our group homes and host homes have quarantined during the pandemic, staff and Mentors have found creative ways to help them adjust to the changes in their routines while having fun and maintaining personal connections.

To help shift the focus and boost moods, Claire Martinez, Program Supervisor at our Intermediate Care Facility in Manvel, North Dakota, started a greeting card program, aptly named the Hearts Program. Every day, team members assisted individuals we support in designing, writing and mailing greeting cards to family members, guardians, team members, state partners, consultants and others supported by the program.

“I am the proud recipient of one of the cards, so I can tell you first hand this is a wonderful way of reaching out to others to say ‘Hi, I am thinking about you and hope you are well,’” said Nora Sanganoo-Storey, Area Director.

In April, many of The MENTOR Network’s group homes and host homes partook in community Easter festivities by decorating their doors, windows and lawns. Individuals participated in a window decorating contest and a social distancing Easter egg hunt, both fun activities which allowed them to bring joy to their neighbors and maintain a sense of community connection during a time of social isolation.