The MENTOR Network

William Painter Sr. Director, Clinical Practice, Child and Family Services Center of Excellence, The MENTOR Network

Bill Painter, senior director of clinical practice within The MENTOR Network’s Child and Family Services Center of Excellence, is a role model for those working to help children and families. Throughout his 35-year career, Bill has become known as a pioneer in the field of family preservation services. He is the developer of Family Centered Treatment® (FCT), an evidence-based best practice model of in-home family preservation services that he brought to The Network eight years ago.

“He understands people,” said Stacey Risotti, a vice president of operations at The MENTOR Network and one of Bill’s nominators. “He helps them succeed and grow. He believes in the promise that FCT gives—that all families are capable of success and when you treat people with respect and integrity they will follow suit.”

Bill started his career working in a residential treatment center for children who have been abused in the mountains of North Carolina. In the same manner that The MENTOR Network was founded, Bill began taking children home from the residential center in the early 1980s to have them experience both family and community. Bill also has three adopted sons.

“I value the opportunity we have at The Network to provide an environment through foster care where children can thrive and make sense of the world and know they are okay,” said Bill. “I value what we are doing with home-based treatment with parents who have been through the whole mess themselves and give children the opportunity to have what they haven’t had.”

In addition to helping countless children and families over the years, Bill has provided hundreds of workshops and personally trained many of The Network’s clinicians.

“It is a privilege for any staff who have the opportunity to have Bill model his skills,” said Kathleen Smith, director of the Child and Family Services Center of Excellence and another one of Bill’s nominators. “He is absolutely amazing in action.”