The MENTOR Network

Toni Bethke Administrative Assistant & Clinical Programs Student Coordinator, CareMeridian, California

Toni Bethke is one of the first people patients and their families meet at CareMeridian in the Santiago Canyon community of Silverado, California. She takes them on a tour and once they are admitted she guides them through the admission process. No one could be a better fit to be the face of CareMeridian, according to her colleagues. In addition to welcoming individuals to CareMeridian and managing the day-to-day administrative tasks at the Santiago location for the past eight years, Toni makes sure that new processes are understood and creates educational materials to meet diverse needs. Her reputation as a skilled communicator and talent for successfully implementing new processes has led her to assist other CareMeridian facilities as well.

“From the first day I met her, Toni has had me in awe of everything she does,” said Hanna van der Walt, clinical programs liaison at CareMeridian and one of Toni’s nominators. “Toni ignites a spark of hope in everyone that interacts with her and she leads by example. She is able to make connections with anyone. No one is a stranger to Toni for more than five seconds.”