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Selwa and Brian Grandison Mentors, New Jersey MENTOR

Selwa and Brian Grandison believe that all children will grow physically and mentally, as long as they have a little love, understanding, and the freedom to be themselves. The proof is in their household and the children they have opened their hearts and home to as Mentors with New Jersey MENTOR.

“Love knows no bounds with Selwa and Brian,” said Jennifer Mufalli, clinical supervisor at New Jersey MENTOR and the Grandisons’ nominator.

For 20 years, Selwa and Brian have worked as a team with patience and understanding to help dozens of youth who have experienced trauma and live with mental health issues, intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions. They are the forever family for three of the four boys in their home. Having embraced shared parenting, they also pledged to be a safety net should others need them.

“Selwa and Brian welcome everyone, but their hearts specifically belong to youth that may not have someone to care for them,” said Dawn Lewis, clinical coordinator at New Jersey MENTOR. “They create families for those youth through a special kind of advocacy and love.”

Selwa is an emergency room nurse, making her especially attuned to the children’s medical needs. Brian is retired and able to support the children at home. Along with their three biological children, who are now grown and live nearby, the Grandisons are active in their local church and community. Outings to dinner, bowling, movies, carnivals, parties and much more are regular occurrences for the whole family.

“The kids we meet, they inspire us,” said Selwa of why she and Brian continue to open their home to children in need. “Walk in their shoes just one day, and you will be grateful for every little thing.”