The MENTOR Network

Savannah Geare Activity Coordinator, CareMeridian

As a certified recreational therapist serving as the activity coordinator for CareMeridian’s Phoenix post-acute care location, Savannah Geare works along the rehabilitation spectrum. In every aspect of her work—from reading to patients who are unresponsive to bringing a client fishing—are therapies under the guise of recreation.

“Everything she does isn’t just an activity—it has therapeutic value,” said Amie Graham,director of nursing at CareMeridian’s Phoenix location. “She is always looking outside the box, which is what we have to do here because every patient is so different.”
In addition to the therapy and therapeutic planning Savannah provides patients, she also assists with the transportation of patients, represents the company at various events and conferences, fundraises for the Brain Injury Alliance, manages materials and budgets, and much more. Making sure patients are able to attend events in the community and don’t miss out on important family moments are high on her list.

“Savannah has an enormous heart and unrivaled energy,” said Anna Swanson, occupationaltherapist at CareMeridian’s Phoenix location and Savannah’s nominator. “She demonstrates levels of compassion toward our patients that words cannot express.”

The compassion comes from a lifelong interest in helping others. Influenced by a family of medical professionals, Savannah combines her exploration of various scientific fields and her artistic side to come up with engaging therapies. Prior to joining the CareMeridian team,Savannah earned her degree in therapeutic recreation from Arizona State University and completed an internship at Barrow’s Neurological Institute, a leading neurological training center.

“As a recreational therapist I can connect with others, be creative and help people all at once,” said Savannah on choosing her profession. “The more difficult the situation, the more creative you have to get.”