The MENTOR Network

Peggy Kunkel Regional Director, REM Heartland

Central Division President Dave Petersen stepped in to recognize Peggy Kunkel, the sole Regional Director to receive the award. Peg received a tribute worthy of the REM Minnesota veteran’s twenty-eight year tenure from her long-time friend and colleague. “When we hear RFK speak of those who ‘sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance,’” Dave said, referencing the quote for which the award was named, “I can think of no better example than Peg Kunkel.” He spoke of her long and varied list of accomplishments, and added, “If you asked Peg, she’d say all this is history. It’s what she has done this month—and what she will do tomorrow—that drive her actions and engender the kind of loyalty she receives from her employees and customers.”

The 2005 Ripple of Hope Award winners were honored on November 15th, 2005 at the John F. Kennedy Library Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.