The MENTOR Network

Patricia Zubrowski Direct Support Professional, REM Ohio

Patricia (Pat) Zubrowski began her career in direct care as a certified activities director in the 1970s. After taking a break from work to raise a family, she returned to direct care work a little over six years ago. As a direct support professional at REM Ohio, she supports individuals in the  Serenity Cove day program, where community outings are a regular event for many. The individuals Pat supports enjoy craft days at a local store, volunteer through multiple organizations, go to the market and have even appeared on a local radio station to recite the pledge of allegiance. Pat makes it a point to connect one-on-one with each individual she supports every day. She knows by sounds and movements what each person wants, what they enjoy and when.

“Pat is not only a staff member at REM Ohio, she is an advocate for the individuals who attend our programs,” said Sarah Goss, administrative assistant at REM Ohio and one of Patricia’s nominators. “Pat sees what people need and how they are affected by their environment and adjusts the activities, sounds, sights, to allow each person to be more comfortable. She will do whatever it takes to make them feel accepted and comfortable out in the community.”