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Miracle Pygum Case Manager, New Jersey MENTOR

As a case worker at New Jersey MENTOR, Miracle Pygum is well prepared for the role. Miracle earned her degree in law and justice, with a minor in sociology, and possesses a passion and purpose driven by her experience as a teenager in foster care.At the age of 14, Miracle was removed from her biological family. Not understanding what was going on in her life, she started spiraling out of control. It took a therapeutic foster home and case worker with high expectations to help her change her life. As a result, Miracle is convinced there can be more success stories than heartbreaking ones about youth in foster care. She points to herself as proof.

“It is Miracle’s personal mission to reach those who are ‘walking in familiar shoes’ and to educate people about how trauma can change a person, and how relationships and good treatment can alter their lives for the better and forever,” says Teresa Havers, Area Director at New Jersey MENTOR and one of Miracle’s nominators.