The MENTOR Network

Liz Lauzon Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts

As a case manager at NeuroRestorative, Liz is focused on admitting individuals to the NeuroRestorative Massachusetts Supported Living Program. She is the first contact most people have coming into NeuroRestorative in Massachusetts and she makes sure the
connection she builds is a strong one. Liz wears many hats along the way—a transportation provider, counselor, fill-in residential supervisor and, most importantly, a consistent advocate.

She is there for the people who come to NeuroRestorative, from the first clinical evaluation to helping them pick out a paint color for their room or a new pair of shoes, a coat, and other things they may have never needed when they were receiving care in a nursing facility.

“Liz helps people learn that they have a choice, that there are alternatives to institutionalized care for people with brain injury,” said Maureen Butler, northeast regional director of development at NeuroRestorative and Liz’s nominator. “With remarkable respect, skill and enthusiasm, Liz meets people where they are and together with them creates a better, hopeful life, full of possibility.”

When Liz isn’t bettering the lives of those NeuroRestorative serves, she is volunteering with the Brain Injury Association to seek assistance for other individuals with traumatic brain injury.