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Lisa Martinez Assistant Director of Nursing, NeuroRestorative California

A former Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Lisa Martinez found her niche in nursing and an unexpected advocacy role.

“I am finding satisfaction in being stubborn and getting whatever my patients need,” Lisa explained of her switch from the adrenaline rush of being an EMT, then night nurse, to her new position as the assistant director of nursing for NeuroRestorative California. “My goal is to do what is right for participants and give them the best we can possibly give.”

Lisa became a nurse to have more one-on-one time with patients and contribute more to their quality of life. She joined NeuroRestorative in 2014 as a night licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and took on the role of assistant director of nursing in early 2019, becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist along the way. Currently, Lisa oversees two residences, each home to six individuals, many of whom rely on a ventilator. For some, this is also their forever home. Those relationships are especially meaningful to Lisa. Lisa goes to events with an individual with tetraplegia on her own time because she knows it provides him with a sense of security. She brings others to doctors’ appointments to make sure clinicians receive all the information they need. It’s not required in her role, but for Lisa it is the right thing to do. And when things happen in the middle of the night, as they often do, Lisa is there to make sure everything is ok.