The MENTOR Network

Linda Renn Direct Support Professional, REM Iowa

“I have learned so much from them,” said Linda of the people she serves. “They bring joy to my job every day I work with them.”

Linda came to REM Iowa in 2009 as a direct support professional. Her dedication to direct care is inspired by those she serves and their ability to find their own way of doing things, something she encourages through her work with them on daily living skills. Lots of conversation and singing will also be found when visiting a home where Linda works. The time between dances and special events are packed with picnics, cooking, games and a host of other activities that bring people together, something she says is very important to the people we serve. It’s also important to Linda and radiates wherever she goes.

For the people she has helped transition from institutions to residential settings, from one home to another, to wedding  preparations and funeral plans, that dedication is irreplaceable. She is an advocate for them and by their side in the good and difficult times.

“My thinking is think outside the box,” says Linda of her ability to help individuals live life to the fullest. “I’m involved. It’s who I am.”

Earlier this year, Linda was named DSP of the Year for Iowa by the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) for going above and beyond to provide exemplary service in the direct support profession.