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Larry Deal Brokerage Director, MENTOR Oregon

Larry Deal, Brokerage Director in Portland, Oregon was also recognized for cultivating a supportive environment—for employees. Western Division President Bob Longo recalled his own early days in human services. “When I worked in direct care, we used to say that, as social workers we needed to think like accountants,” Bob said. “Larry says to the accountants on his staff, ‘I want you to think like social workers.’” Indeed, Larry has leveraged his keen awareness of the demands of brokerage services to streamline policies and systems in ways that truly support his team members. “Larry is a peer leader who insists no accomplishment is exclusive of his team,” Bob said, “but his team has the best support they could ask for in Larry Deal.” Oregon State Director Donald Acker accepted the Ripple of Hope award on Larry Deal’s behalf.

The 2005 Ripple of Hope Award winners were honored on November 15th, 2005 at the John F. Kennedy Library Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.