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Jessica Embry Program Director, NeuroRestorative Kentucky

As program director for NeuroRestorative Kentucky’s program in Louisville, Jessica Embry influences the lives of nearly 100 program participants with brain injuries each day.

“Jessica is passionate about her role in the treatment of adults with brain injury,” said Jane Stahl, executive director at NeuroRestorative Kentucky and Jessica’s nominator. “As a recreational therapist by training she understands how to help people in that realm. She is always ready to take on challenges and is continuously looking for creative ways to serve her participants and have fun with the staff.”

With 17 homes in the community, a day program and a new rehabilitation building with a vocational lean—in addition to her decade-long commitment to the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, most recently as its president—Jessica’s devotion to helping individuals and families impacted by a brain injury is evident throughout the community. Her motivation for entering the field stems back to the age of seven, when her father sustained a brain injury, but her continued passion revolves around the success stories that come out of her work.

“I think about what would have made him happy as an adult,” said Jessica of her father, who passed away. “I keep a picture of him on my desk, next to one of my grandmother, who was an amazing advocate. Those pictures and our  program participants remind me every day why I do what I do.”