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Immacula David Registered Nurse, Revel Adult Day Health

Every day upwards of 120 people come to Revel Adult Day Health’s Kay Pam Center in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Most are welcomed by nurse Immacula David’s loving warmth and energy.

“She has an infectious smile, a huge and kind heart, and always looks to find a positive solution in difficult situations,” said Toni Goncalves, regional director of business development for Revel Adult Day Health and Immacula’s nominator.

Immacula goes well above and beyond the scope of her job description as a registered nurse. She conducts monthly lectures on health topics and current events. She visits program participants in the hospital when they are sick. If there is a crisis in her community or in Haiti, where most of the  participants and staff, including Immacula, spent their childhood, she is there for them with prayers and words of encouragement. Program participants adore her and her colleagues aspire to be like her.

Immacula was trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and continued her education at Northeastern University. Her degree was followed by 38 years as a nurse at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital. Four years ago, after 50 years of nursing, Immacula retired—for a week—before joining the team at Kay Pam.

“For me, it’s a calling,” said Immacula about her dedication to nursing. “I have seen people with little hope. It’s so satisfying when someone laughs or smiles and says thank you. I give people a little hope that things will get better.”