The MENTOR Network

Idalina & Naja Moujabber Mentors, Massachusetts MENTOR

Over the 14 years Idalina and Naja Moujabber have been foster parents, they have not only helped countless children, they have influenced the next generation of caregivers. The couple has five children of their own between the ages of 16 and 29. Two of the children have become Mentors, inspired by the change in children’s lives they witnessed in their parents’ home, and motivated by their parents’ ongoing commitment and support.

As Mentors with Massachusetts MENTOR, Idalina and Naja currently have three children in foster care in their home, all with complex trauma and challenging behaviors. All have also thrived in the home, as children do there.

“Every social worker, therapist or school staff who have worked with the family have raved about their excellence and have wished that there were more foster parents like them,” said Samantha Canica, family recertification coordinator at Massachusetts MENTOR and the Moujabbers’ nominator.

Idalina and Naja are models for shared parenting, as they work closely whenever possible with the children’s biological families. They also model The MENTOR Network’s RELATE training, which guides foster parents to focus on getting to know each child individually.

Getting to know each child and treating them with respect is a large part of Idalina’s and Naja’s success when advocating for the children in their care.

“When children come to our home they are family,” said Idalina. “We are the voices of these kids; we are the voices for these kids. Sometimes people will not listen, but we still cannot give up.”