The MENTOR Network

Eduardo Hernandez Nursing Assistant, CareMeridian, California

Eduardo’s award was accepted on his behalf by Hannah Van der Walt.

Over his nearly 20 years of service at CareMeridian, Eduardo Hernandez has received numerous accolades from past participants and family members stating that prior to meeting Eduardo they felt hopeless.

“Eduardo creates hope with his amazing skill to make any individual feel they have the ability to improve despite their physical and/or cognitive challenges,” said Bruce Kuluris, vice president of operations at CareMeridian and one of Eduardo’s nominators. “Patients know that they are his number one priority and he never lets them down.”

Eduardo joined CareMeridian in 1989 as a certified nursing assistant. Colleagues and managers attest to his willingness to learn and do anything required to make sure the patients receive the best care possible. In the Santiago location, where he spent much of his career before recently transferring to Winways in Orange, his positive attitude and dedication to the people served were paramount during several emergency situations in response to fires and flooding. From evacuating patients to ensuring a safe and clean environment for their return, Eduardo was always there to assist with a smile and affirmation that everything would be okay.

“Eduardo excels with customer service skills and is a great example for his peers and even the leadership team,” said Hanna Van Der Walt, executive director at CareMeridian and one of Eduardo’s nominators. “He is dependable, trustworthy and a true advocate for patients, their families and his coworkers.”

It’s not unusual for patients to come back and thank Eduardo for getting them back working, driving and living life again.

“Here I can do something for other people,” said Eduardo of his dedication to direct care, a commitment he credits to his parents, along with his strong work ethic. “My parents taught me to be good to people and that if you do good, you will receive good.”