The MENTOR Network

Dr. Edwin Mikkelsen Medical Director, The MENTOR Network

A world-renowned researcher, clinician, author and teacher, The MENTOR Network’s Medical Director Dr. Edwin Mikkelsen is most often described by his colleagues at The Network as a tireless advocate for the individuals served and the staff who support them.

“Dr. Mikkelsen has shared his immense knowledge and expertise with staff throughout The MENTOR Network as a teacher and guide for three decades, with a sole focus on the health and welfare of the people we serve and a kindness and openness that resonate with everyone he works with,” said Robin Fishman, director of customer assessment at The MENTOR Network and one of Dr. Mikkelsen’s nominators.

Dr. Mikkelsen came to The MENTOR Network in 1990 as a consultant for children’s services. As the organization expanded services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those with mental health diagnosis, as well as behavioral issues and offending behaviors, he switched gears and became an integral part of forming those services. Having the expertise to consult on individual cases, as well as the research and analysis to inform trainings and guidelines, Dr. Mikkelsen helped place the organization as a leader in risk management and quality improvement.

Dr. Mikkelsen is quick to highlight the important role of those caregivers. In the Neutral Writing Guide he authored to provide clear reporting guidelines to direct care staff, he wrote, “Be humble—this is another person’s life you are documenting, and by doing so, you are entering into that life in a manner which may affect its future course.”

In addition to offering his expertise to The MENTOR Network, Dr. Mikkelsen is an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a consultant to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Department of Developmental Services and other organizations. He is also a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists.