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Diana Lozano Program Director, MENTOR Adult Day Health

In her role as program director at MENTOR Adult Day Health’s Mi Casa Es Su Casa Center in Paterson, New Jersey, Diana Lozano is a champion for seniors in her community.

“She treasures all participants, loves caring for them, delights in doing that one extra task which might make each feel valued, and in return she is rewarded with seeing them truly enjoy their Golden years,” said Valerya Balannik, director of quality improvement at MENTOR Adult Day Health and Diana’s nominator. “You can see in their smiles and hear in their comments the sheer love and trust they place in her and the joy they have at the center because of her.”

Between 100 and 125 people come to the center every day.  Transportation, medical appointments, community outings, meals, exercise classes, activities and special events are all part of the daily schedule and Diana knows firsthand the intricacies of each one. In her 20-year tenure with the center, she has worked in direct care, transportation, marketing, recreation and now management.

When MENTOR Adult Day Health acquired the center in 2017, Diana remained in her role and continues to be responsible for much more than just the day-to-day operations at the center—she is the face of the center. Under her leadership, staff turnover is  extraordinarily low and participants thrive. Compliance with the state is continuously at 100 percent, securing important relationships with managed care organizations and other partners.

“What continues to motivate me is my love for the job,” said Diana. “My goal is to give our participants the best every day.”

Diana started her career in human services more than two decades ago after moving to the United States from Colombia, where she worked in business for several large corporations, but her focus on relationships and respect is rooted in her childhood teachings and home country.