The MENTOR Network

Bobbi Corcoran Program Coordinator, REM Wisconsin

For more than 23 years, Bobbi Corcoran has been applying her farmer’s work ethic to help others live life to the fullest in her community.

After working as a home care provider for nearly two decades, Bobbi joined REM Wisconsin in 2012 as a direct support professional. It was in 2014, when she was promoted to program coordinator at REM Wisconsin’s Elizabeth Drive home, that the individuals in the home began to flourish.

“Bobbi has inspired her entire team both professionally and personally through her dedication to our mission, outstanding leadership and compassion,” said Melissa Klatt, regional director at REM Wisconsin and Bobbi’s nominator. “Bobbi supports three very unique individuals and her leadership and ideas have helped them become a family.”

The changes Bobbi has helped put in motion have been life changing for the individuals she supports. Her success is based on immense knowledge of each of the individuals she supports and a thoughtful, yet stealth, approach woven into regular routines and favorite hobbies and activities. It’s through what the individuals enjoy that Bobbi helps them reach their goals. Whether it’s adjusting from a life in an institution, reducing reliance on medications, embracing a healthy lifestyle, getting out in the  community and socializing, or other goals and challenges, Bobbi believes in their abilities.

“You have to be persistent and you have to want to know where they have come from, want to work with them, and want to understand why they work the way they do,” said Bobbi.

Bobbi Corcoran’s award was accepted on her behalf by Shelley Hansen-Blake, Executive Director, REM Wisconsin.