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Angela Sommer Speech-Language Pathologist , NeuroRestorative Maryland

As a speech-language pathologist at NeuroRestorative in Beltsville, Maryland, Angela Sommer serves a diverse population, doing everything she can to make a connection. NeuroRestorative Maryland offers a continuum of community-based programs and supports for adults with brain injury and other neurological challenges. Many of the participants Angela works with are Veterans and individuals who have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. Angela often leaves the realm of speech therapy to advocate for her patients. Her goal is for them to achieve the maximum quality of life possible. Angela is always looking at the whole person and his or her unique needs. She is determined to help them meet their goals, whether it is through an alternate route to employment, the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, or finding the right combination of therapeutic supports.

“In the world of brain injury rehabilitation, there is a critical need for the level of passion and selflessness accompanied by extreme professionalism and skill that Angela exudes on a daily basis,” said Lisa Beach, program director at NeuroRestorative Maryland and Angela’s nominator. “Angela’s therapeutic interactions consistently produce outcomes that are not only positive in rehabilitation efforts but also result in connections not easily achieved by others.”