The MENTOR Network

Vocational Services

At The MENTOR Network, we are proud to offer vocational programs that help individuals find, prepare for and achieve success at the jobs they choose. Our continuum of services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities helps those who want meaningful work to access the tools that can help them be successful. This includes skill development, job coaching, job training and on-site support. Our staff is passionate about helping people find meaningful employment and is dedicated to helping them achieve success in the workplace.

Supported Employment

To help individuals successfully hold jobs of their choice within their communities, we provide a full range of training and support services. Our job developers analyze the interests and capabilities of each person, suggesting technical or social-skills training that enables a successful job experience—for both the employee and the employer. Program participants also have the opportunity to be matched with a job coach who provides customized on-site support, including transportation, job training and oversight.

We also focus on building partnerships with community employers. These partnerships expand opportunities for those we serve and help businesses grow by hiring workers who are well trained and motivated to succeed.

Job Training

Our experienced job coaches provide comprehensive training and prepare individuals for current and future employment opportunities. Individual and small group trainings focus on building employment skills, including:

  • Punctuality
  • Personal hygiene
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Time management
  • Self-control
  • Stress management
  • Using public transportation

Vocational Support Throughout Our Continuum

The MENTOR Network also offers skill-development opportunities through some of our Day Programs for adults who want to earn money while participating more fully in community life. Participants can take part in the regular activities of their Day Programs, while also accessing paid work opportunities that teach valuable workplace skills. Depending on each individual’s interests and personal goals, opportunities may include housekeeping, clerical work, woodworking and lawn maintenance.

The Network also assists adults in some of our other residential or community-based programs in starting their own micro-enterprise businesses. Individuals are encouraged to participate in entrepreneurial ventures with support from job coaches and other staff members who provide administrative services and transportation. Individuals served by The Network have launched and managed several businesses, including a tee shirt screening business, a candy vending service and a courier service.

Contact your local office for more information about The MENTOR Network’s vocational programs.