The MENTOR Network

Transitional Services

Transitional Programs

For young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, moving into a new, more independent living situation can be an exciting and challenging time—just as it is for most young people at that stage of life. They may experience mixed emotions about leaving behind the routines and comforts of a family home, foster home or other residential setting, while looking forward to the new opportunities that come with increased independence.

The MENTOR Network’s Transitional Services are designed to help young men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities navigate this transitional stage, set and achieve goals, and be successful when they move into more independent settings. We provide specialized supports to help each person and their circle of support understand their options and build the skills they need to become increasingly independent.

Individualized Service and Support

We help teenagers and young adults bridge the gap between living with support from others and living on their own. Our staff get to know each person and design services that leverage their strengths and help them build confidence for the future. We keep each person’s unique goals at the forefront and provide support with:

  • Household tasks
  • Personal hygiene
  • Accessing medical resources
  • Personal safety awareness
  • Finding employment
  • Shopping
  • Managing money
  • Accessing public transit
  • Health and wellness
  • Skill development

Independent Living Skills for the Next Phase of Life

Our goal is to ensure that each young person is confident in handling their daily responsibilities, no matter if they are living on their own or with family or transitioning out of foster care or other residential programs. We work with individuals before they move and help them establish routines and the skills necessary to live more independently, and do so at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Whether it’s keeping their house clean, walking to the store, or managing money, we prepare young people for real-life situations by practicing daily tasks and focusing on building skills to help each person achieve their goals and dreams.

Contact your local office to learn more about The MENTOR Network’s Transitional Services for teenagers and young adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.