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Therapeutic Foster Care

therapeutic foster care

At The MENTOR Network, we believe that children belong in families and deserve to live in homes where they can feel safe, valued and loved.

In our Therapeutic Foster Care program, we match youth of all ages with dedicated foster parents, who we call “Mentors.” We call our foster parents Mentors because they do so much more than provide homes to children and adolescents in need—they help them grow and learn, forever changing their lives. With the help of our expert staff, Mentors provide individualized treatment and support to help children with complex emotional or behavioral challenges succeed—wherever their life journeys take them.

Individualized Treatment and Support

Our Therapeutic Foster Care program begins with an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) for each child. We take time to understand each child’s past and goals for the future. From there, we work with their Mentors, referring case managers, family members and guardians to develop services that meet their unique needs.

Our Therapeutic Foster Care program offers a range of comprehensive supports, including:

  • Weekly individualized counseling
  • Therapy with the child, Mentor and members of the child’s family of origin, when appropriate
  • Psychological evaluations and consultation
  • Psychiatric and counseling services
  • Medication management
  • Advocacy and support for court and school systems
  • 24-hour emergency on-call services
  • Skill development and ongoing education opportunities for foster parents
  • Case management and Individualized Service Plans (ISPs)
  • Program oversight and continuous quality improvement
  • Centralized referral and intake process
  • Access to our continuum of care and transition into our adult Host Home program

Family Vistas® Model

family vistas modelWith experience that spans more than three decades, The Network is the national leader in Therapeutic Foster Care. Since launching this program in 1980, we have continued to expand on our original “Mentor model” to develop innovative treatment options for youth with intensive needs.

The Network’s Family Vistas® model emphasizes the healing effects of family relationships. Our specially trained staff conduct comprehensive clinical assessments to identify a child’s strengths and create personalized treatment plans. With the support of their Mentors, children learn to build coping skills to help them overcome challenges, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and problems in school. Our dedicated treatment teams work with our Mentors and the family of origin, when appropriate, to help each child reach the destination of their choosing—whether it’s reunification with their biological family, adoption or independent living.

The MENTOR Network’s Therapeutic Foster Care program has proven that children flourish when they are able to receive services and supports in a natural home setting.

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Find out more by contacting the office nearest you, or visit if you are interested in becoming a Mentor and making a difference in the life of a child.