The MENTOR Network

Juvenile Justice Programs

We help youth involved with the juvenile justice system develop positive relationships and get their lives on track

At The MENTOR Network, we know that young people can struggle to reach their full potential.

Our staff has extensive experience supporting youth who have suffered abuse or neglect or have behavioral challenges that go undiagnosed. We understand that without appropriate treatment these underlying issues can cause young people to have challenges in school and act out. Using our continuum of support, we help youth involved with the juvenile justice system develop positive relationships and access the best resources to help get their lives back on track.

Residential Services

Using our Therapeutic Foster Care model, we match young people with dedicated foster parents who we call “Mentors.” As caring role models, our Mentors invest in the youth they support and help steer them back towards the right path in life. With guidance and oversight from The MENTOR Network’s clinical team, Mentors provide in-home treatment to help:

  • Minimize the risk that youth involved with the justice system will re-offend
  • Ensure that youth appear at court and community service appointments
  • Enable youth to live in the community versus more restrictive placements
  • Integrate youth into the community
  • Prepare youth for independent living

In addition to our therapeutic foster homes, The Network also offers comprehensive treatment services in Specialty Group Homes where youth can connect with their peers. In this program, we offer 24-hour supervision to ensure the health and safety of every young person we serve.

Our Therapeutic Foster Care and Specialty Group Homes provide an alternative to more restrictive programs, and offer young people the opportunity to live in community settings where they can build skills and set new directions for their lives. Our residential programs can also serve as a stepping stone—helping young men and women transition out of more restrictive settings or avoid them altogether and provide a bridge as they prepare to move back into a family home or live independently.

Behavioral Health and Support Services

We also offer behavioral health services in home- and community-based settings to help alleviate stressful situations that can cause high-risk behaviors. These services are managed by a clinical coordinator who oversees implementation of an Individualized Service Plan that is built around the specific needs and goals of each young person. We use the evidence-based Family Centered Treatment model to help teens at risk and their families learn and adopt positive behavior patterns that can help them overcome challenges.

Contact the location nearest you for more information about The MENTOR Network’s services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.