The MENTOR Network

Educational Services

At The MENTOR Network, we believe that education is vital to a child’s development and that, with the right supports, every child has the potential to succeed in school. We also understand that children sometimes face behavioral challenges or other issues at home that can lead to challenges succeeding academically and socially in school. The Network offers a variety of educational services to help children overcome behavioral challenges that can limit their success in the classroom.

Day Treatment and After School Programs

The MENTOR Network offers day treatment programs to provide youth with structured treatment and support. We assist students in developing the coping and social skills needed to learn and thrive academically.

Depending on the individual needs of each child, our educational specialists can offer 1:1 support in the classroom, afterschool services, or hourly support at a Network location or the child’s home. With the ultimate goal of successfully transitioning children back into their mainstream classroom, we partner with  families, teachers, guidance counselors and other school staff to map a treatment plan that is right for each child’s needs.

Youth learn and apply skills, including:

  • Listening
  • Communicating feelings
  • Anger management
  • Stress management

Our staff use personalized interventions that include trauma-focused therapy, group therapy and role playing, all of which reinforce skill development and help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school.

Contact the office nearest you for more information on The MENTOR Network’s educational services.