The MENTOR Network

Adoption Services

At The MENTOR Network, we believe that every child deserves to live in a home where they can be loved, respected and part of a forever family. As a trusted provider with a track record of success, we specialize in recruitment, preparation, assessment, support and post-placement supervision to families interested in adopting children. We provide adoption services for children in our Therapeutic Foster Care program or other programs where children are unable to reunify with their family of origin.

Family Preparation

Our family preparation services are designed to evaluate and educate pre-adoptive families to ensure that we create successful matches and “forever families.” We assess each family’s readiness to adopt and their commitment to supporting a child who may have complex needs. Our experienced staff help adoptive families understand the child’s background and any ongoing treatment plans, as well as develop parenting skills through various community resources.

In addition to ensuring that parents are ready to adopt, The MENTOR Network conducts a comprehensive home study, which assesses criteria including:

  • Compliance with training requirements
  • Family interviews
  • Medical reports
  • Behavioral challenges checklist
  • References
  • Financial profile
  • Background checks

Our family and home assessment captures the prospective parents’ abilities and strengths and any potential challenges that could impact a successful adoption.

Child Preparation

We understand that the adoption process can be filled with a mixture of both excitement and apprehension on the part of the child being adopted. To ensure the child’s readiness for successful placement in an adoptive home, our staff works closely with the children, prospective adoptive families and case managers to develop an adoption plan based on the individual assessments and service plans for each child.

Counseling is an integral part of our child-preparation process to help children understand the meaning of adoption, why it is happening and what it will mean for them now and in the future.

Comprehensive Support

We also offer a range of other pre- and post-adoption services for the children and families we serve, including relief care, individual and family counseling, on-call emergency support, counseling services for the child and family members, and support groups.

Contact the location nearest you for more information about The MENTOR Network’s adoption services.