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NeuroRestorative Program Featured in the Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal featured NeuroRestorative, a partner of The MENTOR Network, participant retired Corporal Justin Bunce and his family in a front page article detailing his journey on the road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Bunce is one of 119 veterans receiving services through the VA Assisted Living Pilot Program. The VA Pilot Program funds post-acute brain injury rehabilitation for eligible veterans who have experienced a TBI, regardless of whether the injury is service connected or was sustained as a veteran. Bunce is currently being served in NeuroRestorative National Capitol’s location in Germantown, Maryland.

“Cpl. Bunce considers himself lucky to have survived. In good moments, he is optimistic about the future and thinks about going to college to study computer graphics. He would like to get married and have children.  ‘My physical difficulties will slow me down, they definitely won’t stop me,’ he said.  ‘My heart and soul have been enlarged and focused,’” the article states.

Read the full article to learn more about retired Corporal Bunce’s story and his road to recovery at NeuroRestorative National Capitol.

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